Renier is the founder and Liquor Licensing Consultant at specializing in Kwa-Zulu Natal liquor license related matters. Over the past 10 years, he has helped many clients to start trading legally in the alcohol industry. Renier is very proud of the fact that he has maintained a 100% approval rate on applications going through his office! No obstacle is too big for him to overturn into a positive outcome. He believes in personal service and walking the extra mile with each of his clients is the key. He always says that there is no better time to take the first step and start to build your future business today. Do not hesitate and contact him now.

Everything you want to know about getting a Liquor License in Kwa-Zulu Natal

Often one sees first time licensees tackle the liquor license application process on their own. In many cases this end up with a disappointing outcome. Most of the times the reason being that liquor license applications, does not consist of a simple application form. Each application provides highly detailed information with regards to the unique circumstances. These conditions always vary from outlet to outlet. It comes highly recommended that your license application process is handled by a liquor license consultant […]

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Your testament and Liquor License: How does that work?

What is a Will or Testament? Your will or testament is a legal document by which a person, the testator, expresses their wishes about how their property is to be distributed at death, and names one or more persons, the executor, to manage the estate until s final distribution. Learn More Here Will my liquor license expire when I pass away? No. Your liquor license will not expire without a testament but it will be easier to proof who inherit […]

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Police Clearance: what it is, how it works and why you must have it.

When applying for a liquor license, it is a prerequisite to attach a Police Clearance Certificate to your application. A police clearance is required for all new applications, transfer from one person to another, and all renewal applications. Why do I need a Police clearance? A police clearance assist the liquor authorities to establish that the applicant is not disqualified under section 40 of the Liquor Act. It is also used by the authorities to verify information supplied on the […]

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Special event permit to sell liquor in KwaZulu-Natal

Want to sell liquor at a special event? In order to sell alcohol at a special event you are required to have a special event permit. You are required to obtain certain consents and comply with what is laid down in the Act. In this article we discuss the procedure and requirements. Application for Special event permit Application under section 39(c) in terms of section 41(1) must be completed in full in triplicate and duly signed in front of a […]

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How to get a new liquor license

The first question that most potential new business owners ask is: I want to start my own liquor business. How do I go about it ? As there are many factors to take into account it will therefore be wise to use a liquor license consultant to advice and assist you in how to go about applying for your license. Read about choosing a liquor consultant HERE. However in this article I address on how to go about applying for […]

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Choosing a liquor license consultant

Choosing the best liquor license consultant. Before you decide on who you are going to use as a consultant to handle your liquor license application you need to verify a number of details. Make sure you choose the right consultant because if you do not you can end up spending a lot without having your license approved or even without the application being lodged. First of all you should ask yourself – ” How did I get this liquor license […]

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A liquor license renewal can be done with conditions.

The mere fact that your liquor license renewal have been granted does not give you the right to trade as you like. Many conditions are prescribed and must be adhere to otherwise your license can be suspended. When your License Certificate is issued, Special conditions can be imposed which will be printed on the face of your certificate. In addition there are many other conditions which are listed below: On-consumption The license holder shall ensure the following: All Alcohol sold […]

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Different liquor license types? Which one should I apply for.

Liquor licenses types, to know what type will work for you, you first need to know the difference between the type liquor licenses. Then choose the one that will suite your need the best. Liquor license types are grouped in four categories: On – Consumption Accommodation Liquor License Restaurant Liquor License Nightclub Club Gaming premises Sports Ground Pub Tavern Theatre Off – Consumption Liquor Store Grocer’s wine Micro Manufacture Special Events The first license category we look at is on-consumption […]

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Liquor license application process

The workings of the KZN Liquor Licensing Procedure.

Liquor Licensing Procedure In this post we take a look at the Liquor Licensing Procedure. We go through the same steps that a Liquor License Application have to pass, for approval. In this post we take on-consumption and off-consumption application types into consideration. The process end with a decision made by the liquor board. We look at the following parts of the procedure: Prerequisites for liquor license application. The function of the liquor licensing and administration business. Lodging a liquor […]

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