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Do you need a special event permit?

In order to sell alcohol at a special event you are required to have a special event permit. You are required to obtain certain consents and comply with what is laid down in the Act. In this article we discuss the procedure and requirements.

Application for Special event permit

Application under section 39(c) in terms of section 41(1) must be completed in full in triplicate and duly signed in front of a Commissioner of Oaths. The application with all required attachment must be lodged at least 14 working days before the event. Application for a special events permit can not be lodged at a regional office. The application can be lodged any day of the week but must be lodged in the offices of the Liquor Authorities in Durban.

Attachments required for a special event permit

You need to obtain a reference number on which to make the lodgment payment on, from the liquor authorities in Durban. Proof of such payment must be attached to the application.

You need a number of consents starting with the landlords consent. Whoever owns the venue where the special event will take place must in writing consent to the sale of alcohol. In many cases special events are hosted on sports grounds or stadiums where the local municipality is the custodian. Consent for both the event and the sale of alcohol must be obtained.

The next consent is the event organizer consent. You need to get a situational report from the SAPS. In order to get this report a complete copy of your application must be submitted to the local police liquor officer. The event itself need to be risk categorized in terms of section 6. The event organizer must apply for this before the event can take place even if no alcohol will be sold at the event.

Floor Plan Special event permit

Now you will need a detailed floor plan showing the lay out of your stall. Storage and toilet facilities must be clearly shown on the floor plan. Sizes, entry & exit as well as cordoned off bar area must also be clearly marked on this plan.

Security plan together with completed annexure T must also accompany your application. You must also motivate to why the application should be granted. Attach a certified copy of your ID and you are ready to lodge.

Should the venue fall in a residential area you are required to advertise the application.

Cost involved for a special event permit

At the time of lodging a fee of R1000 is to be paid to the liquor authorities and once approved the permit costs R1000 per day. Should you use a consultant there will also be the consultant’s fees.


Do not wait until the last minute. It takes time to obtain all the consents and prepare application. Should you be in a residential area you should start with application at least 3 months before the event.

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  1. Hi.
    I’m sanele from kzntrailrunning we are looking to apply for temporary liquor license, the contact details that are on the form they don’t go through.
    Inordered to submit I need to get a reference number. Please assist

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