Police Clearance: what it is, how it works and why you must have it.

When applying for a liquor license, it is a prerequisite to attach a Police Clearance Certificate to your application. A police clearance is required for all new applications, transfer from one person to another, and all renewal applications. Why do I need a Police clearance? A police clearance assist the liquor authorities to establish that the applicant is not disqualified under section 40 of the Liquor Act. It is also used by the authorities to verify information supplied on the completed application form. How do I get a Police Clearance? You need to go to the nearest police station and request it. Your finger prints will be taken and sent away to be checked. When going to the police station you will need to take a copy of your ID […]

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Different liquor license types? Which one should I apply for.

Liquor licenses types, to know what type will work for you, you first need to know the difference between the type liquor licenses. Then choose the one that will suite your need the best. Liquor license types are grouped in four categories: On – Consumption Accommodation Liquor License Restaurant Liquor License Nightclub Club Gaming premises Sports Ground Pub Tavern Theatre Off – Consumption Liquor Store Grocer’s wine Micro Manufacture Special Events The first license category we look at is on-consumption types, these liquor license types have the most variation. A common requirement for all on-consumption license types, are toilet facilities for ladies and gents. The main difference between the on-consumption liquor license types, lies within the facilities you have available. Then other differences are trading hours and yearly renewal fees. […]

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Liquor license application process

The workings of the KZN Liquor Licensing Procedure.

Liquor Licensing Procedure In this post we take a look at the Liquor Licensing Procedure. We go through the same steps that a Liquor License Application have to pass, for approval. In this post we take on-consumption and off-consumption application types into consideration. The process end with a decision made by the liquor board. We look at the following parts of the procedure: Prerequisites for liquor license application. The function of the liquor licensing and administration business. Lodging a liquor license application. Inspections included in the liquor licensing procedure. Liquor license application approval, as part of the process. The Conclusion. Prerequisites for liquor license application. To obtaining a liquor license can be a hard process, therefore experience taught us well. As a result we created our procedure. The objective is […]

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