How to get a new liquor license

The first question that most potential new business owners ask is: I want to start my own liquor business. How do I go about it ? As there are many factors to take into account it will therefore be wise to use a liquor license consultant to advice and assist you in how to go about applying for your license. Read about choosing a liquor consultant HERE. However in this article I address on how to go about applying for your new liquor license. First of all you have to decide what type of liquor business you want to open. You must decide between on-consumption or off-consumption. If you would like to open an off-consumption liquor business you have two choices  being a liquor store or grocers wine license. With […]

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Liquor license application process

The workings of the KZN Liquor Licensing Procedure.

Liquor Licensing Procedure In this post we take a look at the Liquor Licensing Procedure. We go through the same steps that a Liquor License Application have to pass, for approval. In this post we take on-consumption and off-consumption application types into consideration. The process end with a decision made by the liquor board. We look at the following parts of the procedure: Prerequisites for liquor license application. The function of the liquor licensing and administration business. Lodging a liquor license application. Inspections included in the liquor licensing procedure. Liquor license application approval, as part of the process. The Conclusion. Prerequisites for liquor license application. To obtaining a liquor license can be a hard process, therefore experience taught us well. As a result we created our procedure. The objective is […]

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Liquor licensing, Compliance and Compliance Inspectors.

Compliance can be divided into two headings. Applying for a new license or permit. Enforcing compliance on licensed premises. At the time of application for a liquor license, the compliance is adjudged by both documentary proof and inspection reports by the compliance Inspectors. What does “Compliance” mean? In order to have a liquor license granted and to maintain the license, both the holder and the premises must comply with every need as described in the Act. This is a very complex subject which we will address in a follow up article. In this article we talk about the enforcing compliance of licensed premises. Compliance inspectors ensure compliance with the provisions of legislation by retailers and micro manufacturers of liquor. This is achieved through effective enforcement, monitoring and strategic partnerships. Compliance […]

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