Police Clearance: what it is, how it works and why you must have it.

When applying for a liquor license, it is a prerequisite to attach a Police Clearance Certificate to your application. A police clearance is required for all new applications, transfer from one person to another, and all renewal applications.

Police Clearance

Why do I need a Police clearance?

A police clearance assist the liquor authorities to establish that the applicant is not disqualified under section 40 of the Liquor Act. It is also used by the authorities to verify information supplied on the completed application form.

How do I get a Police Clearance?

You need to go to the nearest police station and request it. Your finger prints will be taken and sent away to be checked. When going to the police station you will need to take a copy of your ID book as well as pay the prescribed fee which is under R 50.00. Make sure you take some wipes with you as the ink they use is quite messy and normally no towels are available.

How long does it take to get my Police Clearance?

Normal channels is when you have your finger prints taken and the local police office sends it away. In this instance the waiting period is about 5 weeks however you can take the prints to the local forensic department yourself and request a speedy return which you can have back in about 1 week.

How long is my Police Clearance valid?

For the purpose of liquor license applications it is only valid for 90 days after the date of issue. When you submit an application the police clearance must be valid.

Is getting a Police Clearance a once off thing?

Unfortunately  no. Once your license is approved you have to apply for a renewal every year and with your application attach a police clearance. You will then have to obtain a Police Clearance every year. Police clearance is required to be attached to all types of applications except for when you apply for a special  event permit.


You have get used to visit the police station every time any liquor application become necessary.



    1. Yes all you need to do is take a copy of your id to any police station and ask for a clearance
      They will take finger prints and send it to Pretoria it takes about 4 weeks

          1. Good they can you please help me with steps to follow when i want to have Alcohol licence

  1. HI Renier
    I currently have a bed and breakfast (BnB) outlet which has a restaurant liquor license .I would to convert it to a Tavern LIQUOR License.
    How should i structure my Comprehensive Representation or Motivation to change to Tavern LIQUOR License

  2. hi can yuo please explain to me how long does it take the hole process to aplly for liquor license and how much must i prepare for the hole process

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    1. Police clearance you get from SAPS and it states weather or not you have a criminal record
      To get a liquor license you need to have no criminal record

  4. Hi my name is Mandisa. I want to open a liqour store I would like to know how much a licence cost and how long it takes to approve. Thank you

  5. Hi, How long does a liquor license proses take, from police clearance to license issuing when applying for bottle store license and How much will it cost?
    I’m from Capetown

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