Liquor licensing, Compliance and Compliance Inspectors.

Compliance can be divided into two headings. Applying for a new license or permit. Enforcing compliance on licensed premises. At the time of application for a liquor license, the compliance is adjudged by both documentary proof and inspection reports by the compliance Inspectors. What does “Compliance” mean? In order to have a liquor license granted and to maintain the license, both the holder and the premises must comply with every need as described in the Act. This is a very complex subject which we will address in a follow up article. In this article we talk about the enforcing compliance of licensed premises. Compliance inspectors ensure compliance with the provisions of legislation by retailers and micro manufacturers of liquor. This is achieved through effective enforcement, monitoring and strategic partnerships. Compliance […]

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The reasons why you should not always buy an existing liquor license.

Prospective liquor license holders often wonder what is better: Buying an existing liquor license or going through the application for a new license? The Misconception Many people are under the impression that when they buy a current liquor license they can start trading immediately. The Reality This is not the case, as a matter of fact when you buy an existing license it is only valid for the premises the liquor license was issued for. This mean that buying an existing liquor license is only worth your while when you will be trading in that particular premises. Buying an existing license In the case where you buy an existing license to trade on the same premise, the license must be transferred to your name. At this point it is easier […]

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Wondering about liquor license objections?

Objections to a license application. Advertising for objections and the lodging of objections plays a crucial part of the liquor license application. Objections to your license application causes delays and in some cases even stop your application process. We spend time and effort during our first consultation to determine if you may have problems with objections. The obvious problems are easily manageable, but in some cases it takes some work. In the this post you will get some insight into liquor license objections. What is an objection? A liquor license objection may be a single or multiple reasons supplied by any person, in effort to prevent a liquor license from being granted. Where does objections come from? Objections to a proposed liquor license originates from any natural person, that lodge […]

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Most asked liquor license questions and answers – Q&A

In this article we answer some of the questions asked most often by new liquor license applicants. Many questions come to mind the first time you want to apply for a liquor license. In the following article we deal with liquor license application related questions as follows: Can I get a liquor license and then find a premises? What is required for a premises to qualify? What makes up the license application process? May I start trading as soon as the liquor license application is lodged? Is the liquor license application cost a once of fee, and how long is the approved license valid for? What type of License may I apply for? I want to compile and lodge an application. What happens next?   Can I get a […]

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New License Application

Need a new liquor license? Learn more about the license applications, here.

It goes without saying that when starting a new liquor outlet, you will need an approved liquor license. One sees often that some first time licensees, tackle the liquor license application process on their own. And in many cases, end up being disappointed with the outcome. Most of the times the reason being that liquor license applications, does not consist of a simple application form. Each application provide highly detailed information with regards to the unique circumstances. These conditions always vary from outlet to outlet. It comes highly recommended that your license application process are handled by a liquor license consultant like Frequently asked questions. The liquor act applies differently to businesses in the various provinces. This means that certain prerequisites and conditions for approval drastically varies from province […]

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